-PLANES- is a sensory digital ecology - an autonomous simulation of non-binary organisms from a fluid world, which is receptive in real-time. -PLANES- is based upon drifting aquatic life forms defined by mathematical abstraction of a seven-sexed freshwater ciliate (Tetrahymena thermophila), a transgender algae (Volvox), and the immortal jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii). Fluid and flickering, the organisms are a computational form of two-dimensional life on an infinite plane, influenced and shaped by each interaction.

-PLANES- was developed by Millicent Hawk with the support of SPACE Art + Technology HereNow artists' residency. Coded by Joe McAlister.

Research for -PLANES- was presented in a public workshop at SPACE, London - QUEER ECOLOGIES ϟ DIGITAL PLANES - available >>> here